Garage Door Remote Services in Surrey

Garage Door Remote

Every major manufacturer today boasts of garage door remote controlled operation. This ubiquitous and handy innovation has made life simpler for homeowners and businesses. And just like TV remotes, they don’t always work flawlessly. Garage door remote not working is a major cause after years of use. At ‘Surrey Garage Door’ our technicians handle remote repair for every major manufacturer.

Often the press of a button doesn’t work! When the remote fails to open the door, the reasons can be many. Instead of panicking, it’s time to call our professionals straight away.

Garage Door Remote Not Working?

The remote programming most often solves the problem. If manual reprogramming does not work, the underlying fault could be hardware issue. These serious issues can cause the door to open without any human instruction. Similar radio frequencies can also interfere with working of the door. Garage door remote batteries are also to be replaced regularly to solve problems.

Types of Remotes

  • Universal Remotes – They work with every garage door model. Once programmed, they can control your 2 or even 3 doors simultaneously. It is great for commercial purposes.
  • Keychain & Visor Clip – They are attached to either your car’s key chain or the interior visor. As soon as one drives nearby, they open automatically. No worries about lost remote controls.
  • Liftmaster Remotes – These 3 button remotes are popular and easy to use. They are high on performance and work with doors manufactured after 1997.

Garage Door Remote Apps

Nowadays, there are garage door apps that let you control the entire operation process. These android or iPhone apps are great for true remote operation over large distances. They add to the security features of modern doors.

Solve Garage Door Security Concerns

Solving security concerns of garage doors is critical to ensure the safety of your home. Most people use garage as their primary entrance. If the bad guys get access to remote keys, the safety can be compromised.

We provide comprehensive Surrey garage door remote repair and installation services. Call us for emergency garage door repair services.