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Garage Door Parts

Garage doors are a great security add-on for residential or commercial complexes. These doors have myriad patterns and beautiful finishes to exude style. Therefore, they can rev-up the aesthetic appeal of any home tremendously. There are vital garage door parts which wear out with time and develop faults.

Any part which becomes faulty and turns its back on you is probably a potential threat. Thus, the best that one can do with a faulty garage door part is to get it repaired or replaced from Local garage door solutions provider – ‘Surrey Garage Door’. Contact today for emergency repair solutions and parts replacement.

Types of Garage Door Parts

  • Opener – Automatic garage doors receive their signals from a remote. These signals are then interpreted by the opener. Once the opener interprets the radio signal, it makes the door function accordingly.
  • Springs – The springs are another crucial part in the functioning of any garage door. They share the heavy weight of the door and help in the easy operation. These springs are under a lot of tension every time. If a faulty spring snaps then it could hurt people and nearby equipment.
  • Cables – Cables in garage doors have springs on their one end and the garage door to their other end. The cables help in transferring the tension that is developed in the springs so as to help the door in opening/closing operation.

Advantages of Buying Spare Parts from Surrey Garage Door

  • Our company only believes in quality parts.
  • Spare parts we sell have a budget pricing and are fit for any pocket.
  • We never make any quality compromises.
  • We sell products of a wide range of some major manufacturers like Genie, Chamberlain, Stanley, Clopay and more.
  • Every part that we deal in has certain security features as an add-on.
  • Parts come with warranty and guarantee.
  • Emergency Parts Replacement available at single call.

‘Surrey Garage Door’ is a leading provider of garage door repair, installation and maintenance services. Whether it’s the door, any part, accessories or maintenance services – our firm is simply the best. Our skilled technical team have just the right experience to deal with any model or make. Unlike other companies, our services are extremely budget-friendly. Contact us immediately if you come across any faulty garage door parts.

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