Surrey Garage Door Cable Repair – Prevent Accidents in Garage

Garage Door Cable

Garage door cables are critically important part of the modern automatic garage door. Out of numerous parts the run a modern garage door, cable is the prime moving component that puts in motion the other parts including panels and pulleys. Naturally, the heavy parts require cables to sturdy and heavy duty. At ‘Surrey Garage Door’, we are adept at garage door cable repair and replacement services for local households and businesses.

  • Overhead door cable
  • Sliding door cable
  • Heavy duty commercial garage door cables

All major brands are available under one roof including Stanley, Wayne Dalton, Clopay and more. If faulty cables pose a risk, call us NOW for repair and replacement services.

Steel Garage Door Cables

We deal in highest quality garage door cables made of reinforced steel fibers. They offer high flexibility and tensile strength. The thin wires are bonded together to create a highly flexible wire with great strength to hold the heaviest of doors. However, even the thickest of wires suffer from wear and tear due to years of daily use. This poses risk of snapping out or breaking during operation. It is advised to keep an eye on consistent wear and tear.

Types of Cables

The cables used in garage doors today are generally made of high quality steel. Here are some common types used in most doors:

  • Steel strand wire
  • Galvanized steel cable
  • Coated galvanized steel cable

All these cables present a safety perspective that is essential in modern households and businesses. We guarantee our cables to be of highest quality and as recommended by major door manufacturers.

Why Risk Accidents – Just Call Us for Garage Door Cable Replacement

Worn out cable is a looming threat. These cables work under a lot of stress and therefore are always at risk of snapping out. With such violent force, the damage can be catastrophic. Besides damaging vehicle, it can also hurt humans. Every year these cables are reported to cause grave injuries in residents and businesses.

Our proven expertise in garage door cable repair and replacement services makes us the authority in Surrey garage door repair and installation industry. We handle every model and make from every major brand.

Don’t risk an accident from a worn-out cable! Call us ‘Today’ for detailed inspection or garage door cable repair.