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Commercial Garage Door

Surrey’s most trustworthy garage door solutions provider – ‘Surrey Garage Door’ is proud to unveil its best-in-class range of commercial garage doors. Garage doors are a crucial necessity at workplaces for security purposes. These places house essential manufactured commodities and machinery which are at a top spot in a burglar’s hit list.

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Some Crucial Factors of Commercial Garage Doors

  • Panel Gauge –Panelgauge is a measurement to construct a design layout for larger doors and panels. It is actually more of a marking gauge to easily measure the strength and make of steel doors and panels.
  • Steel Grade Steel is used extensively to manufacture garage doors and in order to grade these different types of steel according to their composition and physical properties, a steel grade is used. Tough garage doors make extensive use of steel and thus to choose the best quality of steel, a steel grade is used by manufacturers.
  • R Value It is a value that defines the thermal resistance offered by the garage door. Commercial garage doors have a lot to do with thermal resistance. A door with a balanced thermal resistance is best and they have an R value in between 13 and 17.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

  • Aluminum Doors These doors are available in a number of patterns and finishes. Since they can efficiently hold windows for light and visibility, they are mostly preferred at places like fire stations or car dealers.
  • Steel Sectional Doors Usually, you have more than one choice for insulation and gauge in such doors. They are great for security and sturdy operations.
  • Rolling Steel Doors To enable a smooth roll up overhead, these doors are fitted with steel strips. These steel strips make the door more sturdy and resilient against any serious impact.

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